Saint Thomas Episcopal Preschool Testimonials

Read what parents have to say about S.T.E.P!

"The Busy Bee (3 year old) teachers and staff keep the classroom clean and safe. I receive great service. My child is learning math and science, art and has fun in chapel praying and singing. The classroom is clean and nicely decorated. Teachers are organized and enthusiastic."
"My Little Ladybug (2 year old) is learning nursery rhymes, songs, numbers and letters. She likes being a helper. The classroom is always clean and my child is happy. I like the key code entry door, I feel secure. The teachers send me weekly emails to keep me informed."
"The teachers do a great job in the areas of teaching, communicating, support and parental involvement. We appreciate the regular assessments and feedback. We love that our child has the opportunity and is encouraged to pray and go to chapel to learn uplifting songs and stories from the bible."
"I appreciate the teachers here. They have affection, patience, kindness, and a friendly demeanor even when my child is having a bad day. I like the folders that the teachers use for communication."
"My son has been going to STEP for a year now and he loves it. His social skills and cognitive skills have broaden and he continues to learn and absorb all the knowledge and love the teachers provide for the children."
“The Lord answered our prayers when I found you three years ago. We will be forever grateful for the education, kindness and love our whole family received there. This is a bittersweet occasion for us but we know Christian enters the public school system w/ a solid foundation under his belt. We will miss all of you! Thank you for everything you do!” - Sabrina, Aaron, Shannon & Christian D.
“We are very sad to have to leave and we appreciate all that you have done for our children. We have had other preschools in the past that were no where near the quality and caring environment provided at St. Thomas. They love your school and leaving it will definitely be an adjustment. Again, thank you for all you have done for our family and the care and love you have given to our children.”
"Saint Thomas Episcopal Preschool has been a wonderful environment for our child and we thank you!"
"I have noticed an increase in the amount of words my son speaks in the short time he has been at St. Thomas Episcopal Preschool."
"I'm so blown away by how much improvement I've seen in my daughter. She is learning so much. I am very thankful for St. Thomas Episcopal Preschool."
"My child in the Super Star (4 year old) brings home art work and crafts to share with our family. My child is in the Super Star class and is counting and recognizes letters in words. He is learning math, reading and art. I appreciate the weekly emails from the teachers, it really helps."
"My child has kind, loving, caring teachers. We absolutely love that the kids know how to recite the pledge of allegiance. The classrooms are clean; we especially love the Ladybug classroom."
"My child now knows how to hold a pencil, recognize and write letters. I like the optional program this school offers like dance, sports, tumbling and piano. I love the hot lunch options."
"We have been attending St. Thomas since 2011/2012 when my daughter was 2. She has moved up through all the classrooms and this summer will be her last as she is starting kindergarten this fall. We have loved our experience here and truly feel like family. The memories made will last a lifetime."
“It’s hard to believe that Lydia’s time at St. Thomas has come to an end. It is certainly a bittersweet time, as we are sad to be saying goodbye to all of you but excited for Lydia to be going on to Kindergarten. Thank you all for being such caring, wonderful teachers in Lydia’s young life. We have seen your influence in her behavior and we will always be grateful that we found the perfect preschool for our little girl. Thank you again for everything!”
"Enrolling my sons in St. Thomas Preschool was the best parenting decision I ever made. I was looking for a nurturing fun-filled preschool that provided an educational environment for my 2 and 3 year old boys. The teachers really understand child development and are so warm and caring towards the children. They feel safe and protected. My boys attend full time and still look forward to going to school everyday. The boys continuously have projects and crafts to show me. The school activities are family oriented and provide many chances to share in my children’s educational growth. My boys have developed more independence and are learning good values. The program is structured yet flexible enough for each child’s needs. S.T.E.P. helps both parent and child through the many transitions in these early years. I would recommend S.T.E.P. to all parents of preschoolers without hesitation. This school is a real blessing."
Great place, great teachers!! My 9 yr old went here years ago and now my 3 yr old does. Most reasonably priced preschool and you can do full time, half days, or if you need a one off day where they need to be there longer they can accommodate that too, and peace of mind everyday when I drop her off, to this safe, wonderful, environment.. which is priceless. "
"Thank you, each and every one of you for your patience and hard work!"
"Two and a half years ago we were searching for a quality preschool for my two year old, Cole. He really was fine socially. He shared, cared, and had patience galore so we were looking more for academic stimulation. We had called and visited over 13 preschools in the Temecula and Murrieta area. While all the others would provide developmental and social support, St. Thomas included level-appropriate academics (counting, shapes, colors, spatial awareness, and more). One of the teachers (Mrs. Wood) specifically said when asked about integrating academics “Oh goodness, yes, they are like sponges at this age.” That’s when we knew we were in the right place. Cole has gained exponentially in knowledge, confidence, and friendships along with gross motor and life skills. When my second son turned two, it was a very different situation. He excels in academics (for a two year old) due to what his older brother has learned and, therefore, teaches him. Cody needed more social skills. He could count to 11, knew his colors and shapes, and recited most of the alphabet. However, we knew he needed more authority figures in his life, needed to attend when told, and experience social interaction. He enrolled at St. Thomas since the day he turned two and is reaching these goals and much more already! As parents, we cannot be more comforted by the investment that the teachers and administration have put into the lives of our two children. They are kind yet firm, respectful and loving, concerned and dedicated. We have no doubt that when our two are not in our home; they are in a qualified, professional environment with devoted and skilled personnel. Moreover, the two and a half years that we have been there my children have had the same four teachers. It is a stable environment, that is Christian based, and with continuous extra-curricular activities. We have known the same children and parents for years now either through birthday parties, classroom events, summer extravaganzas, and monthly family gatherings at the school. St. Thomas has enabled us to develop life-long friends for the children as well as the parents. St. Thomas has blessed our family. We are graced with the presence of Father Robert, the extraordinary teachers and gracious administration. St. Thomas is a blessing in our lives and we will never forget these most precious years gifted to our two boys. God Bless."