Sandra Guajardo


Hello my name is Miss Sandra. I am the Director. I have been in the child care field for 27 years. I joined the teaching team here at STEP three years ago. I love it here! I have 39 Units in Early Childhood Education and many years experience. I have taught children infants to 8th grade.

I have 3 grown children Darla 21, David 24 and Daniel 27. When I am not at school I walk 2 miles every day and I enjoy singing in the choir at church, playing piano, salsa dancing, and traveling to Oregon to visit my children. I enjoy sitting at the beach reading a good book. My favorite activity is to spend time with my children. I also like going to Disneyland, On the Boarder, and Cheesecake Factory.

Laura Wood

Teacher, Assistant Director

Laura Wood has 38 years of teaching experience. She sees the children not only as students, but as an extension of her family. She teaches children to learn to be the best they can while learning new tasks. She loves the children’s smiles and hugs, and finding time to laugh and be silly with them.

Carolann Gentile

Teacher - Threes, Fours, and PRE K

I’ve worked in ECE for ten years including working with children who have special needs. I love seeing children reach new milestones, and witnessing young children’s excitement and passion for learning. My background is in special education so I believe I have a strong sense and understanding of children’s developmental stages. I make every effort to view the children as individuals and adapt learning to their needs. My favorite part of the day is interacting with the children in a fun learning environment through hands on and traditional learning experiences.

Mrs. Hogan

Teacher - Pre K

I have 35 years experience teaching children ages two-six in both preschool and kindergarten. I’m passionate about helping children develop a love for books, and teaching them skills to learn to read. The Pre-K class start to use phonics and are able to read short words by the end of the school year. I love watching children grow and learn as they prepare for elementary school. I love working with children more than any job I’ve ever held, and will continue to do so as long as I can.

Miss Chantel

Teacher - Twos and School Age Classroom

I’ve been working in the classroom since 2005. I have experience as a head teacher and as a classroom aid for children with special needs. I enjoy being a part of a child’s learning journey and witnessing their growth and achievements. I love engaging with students during sensory play, or being a part of circle time. Sensory play is so much fun because I get to see the thought process of my students, and be a part of their discoveries. Circle time is another favorite because I get to engage in conversations with my students and learn from their perspectives.

Clara Escalante


I have ten years experience in the childcare profession, and a working knowledge of childcare organizational structure. Helping children and their families is the most rewarding job. My favorite part of the day is being able to interact with the children.

Ms. Kristin


I have over 20 years of experience in early childhood education. Every day is an adventure working with young children, you never know what the day will bring. I try my best to make learning fun and exciting. Seeing a child grow and develop into their own is what inspires me to keep teaching.  I believe parent-teacher communication is the key to helping a child grow and be successful in school. I enjoy reading fun stories and singing songs with the class each day.