Color of the Month:


Shape of the Month:

Spanish Vocabulary:

Brown – Cafe

November – Noviembre

Turkey – el Pavo

Rectangle – el Rectangulo

Dear Parents,

This month your child will be having fun with activities and art projects around the themes Fall, Family, and Thanksgiving! If you would like to bring in a picture of your family to hang in the classroom for the month it would be fun for your child to see and share!
Please take a look at the STEP Preschool merchandise that is now available for purchase!

A reminder that drop off is between 7:30-8:30am and pick up is between 4:30-5:30. If you will be arriving and departing at different times we ask that you call to let us know. Thank you.

Look for the Christmas tree and Wreaths fundraiser that is going on from now through Nov. 15th! The money raised will go towards repairs and improvements at STEP!

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Upcoming Events:

Nov. 1st – 15th Order your Christmas tree & wreaths

Thursday Nov. 26th Closed for Thanksgiving

Friday Nov. 27th Closed for Thanksgiving break